Forthcoming exhibitions

Highlights of the MAS gallery exhibition schedule for 2020

Gallery and Studio space hire

Use our space for your next exhibition or event as well as fully equiped art studio for hire

Art classes

Classes for Term 4 2020 commence Monday 5th OCTOBER - Saturday 5th DEC Classes for TERM 3 have been cancelled. Some Teachers are doing classes online. Please email the office for details.

I am delighted to share the news that artist Sofie Dieu, who exhibited with us and delivered her ink painting workshop less than a year ago is finding a solution to this current period of self isolation. Sofie has created an online learning platform Learn Paint Grow. It offers free art and well-being activities Each week, Sofie adds a new exercise to keep it fresh and engaging. She also answers all your questions and does one-on-one support through LPG forum. Short classes at $15 are also on offer and depending on how much you want to throw yourselves in it, it can last from 1hour to a whole afternoon! It is mainly ink painting oriented though there is also a mix media/colour class. Depending on how popular this will be, there might be some more coming up. So stay tuned! For people who wants to dig in the full ink series ($66) it is available for 6 months. Here again, like for the short classes and the wellbeing activities, Sofie Dieu does one-on-one support through LPG forum. Have a look at what to expect Also - remember that she had planned to hold a class in July of this year. With luck it will still proceed! Please contact Sofie: or drop a line 0413469882