Forthcoming Exhibitions


Dennis Kishere and Mike Griffeth 16 and 17th August 2019

Debbie Weinmann 19th-21st August 2019

The open Studio Group Exhibition 23-25th August 2019

Vicki McInnes Students 29th August -1st Sep 2019

Skepsi 6-22nd September 2019

Korean Artists Association 24th Sep – 1st October 2019

Jenny Pihan 4th -13th October

Members Spring Exhibition 18-27th October 2019

Juliana Hooper Exhibition 29th-30th October 2019

Tanja Karl 1st-6th November 2019

Keming Shen Students 9-10th November 2019

Skepsi 15th Nov-1st Dec 2019

Melissa Cahill 3rd-4th December 2019

Sam Golding 6-8th December 2019

Margaret Meadows 10th-12th December 2019

Merran Berry 14th December 2019