Deb Ruth Art 28 April -4th May

Art Exhibition

Title:                              Art Reimagined

                    Change Your Lens And See Differently

How do you see Art?  Is it only for aesthetic and decorative purposes?  Or perhaps as a demonstration of correct rules and techniques handed down from the masters of old?

Art Reimagined is a collection of Artwork,  that encourages you to see Art differently.  To see that Art speaks and communicates with the unconscious mind to convey messages of hope, encouragement, inspiration and empowerment.

Join us for a different Art experience as we introduce Mindshaping Art – the intentional blending of Art, watercolour, ink, and digital with Meditation and start seeing Art through a different lens.

See how art can elevate your mood, reduce stress, anxiety and restore mental energy.

Artist Deborah Ruth:

Alongside my love for art and its power to transform, I am a keen student of how the mind works and affects our behaviour. 

Courses studied:

Diploma in Art Therapy

Diploma in Psychotherapy

Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation

Certificate for Personal Development, Stress, Relief and Wellbeing

Certificate in Journalling for Clarity

Results Coaching Certification

Associate Diploma in Colour & Design

Diploma in Holistic Interior Design