Jenny Pihan Fine Art presents Echo Cai 5th-13th May










Echo Zixuan Cai 2018 Solo Exhibition

@ Malvern Artists’ Society Galleries

1297 – 1299 High Street


Opening Night: Friday 4 May from 6pm

Open Daily: 4 – 13th 10am – 4pm


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Echo Zixuan Cai



Echo Cai graduated from Peking University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art, Beijing China, in 1988. She came to Australia in 1989.


In 2000 Echo met Hong Fu, a highly recognized Chinese-Australian artist. He became her oil painting mentor, studying under him full time for the next two years.


In 2012 Echo was diagnosed with Leukemia. Now well, Echo has realized, “life is precious” and has grown a new enthusiasm for art.


Echo is a published writer and has curated multi-art events and exhibitions in Melbourne between 2014 – 2017.


Echo works now as a professional artist, winning multiple awards.


Her work features many street scenes around Melbourne, especially her favourite, Brunswick Street. The bright and lively streets and crowds appeal to Echo as subject for her art.  Echo is an artist who is innovative and brave in her career. In this exhibition, she will show her recent works.