Marisa Avano



When creativity hits, paint doesn’t come out of its tube fast enough.

I paint as a form of expression, but also as a part of being – to explore possibilities in form, colour and composition. Part of this process is taking the time to capture glimpses of life which are sometimes overlooked by the rush of modern living.

I create artworks that invite the viewer to experience a unique perspective and experience. Subjects in my work include figurative studies, still lifes, abstracts and reflections of our environment and how we relate to it. Each painting is simultaneously, a trip along the road to self-discovery, an observation into the world around us and a way of finding a connection with the viewer. Each discovery brings me back to the canvas one more time.

Marisa’s painterly style incorporates a constant signature throughout her work – expressive brushwork, rich texture and vivid colour. Her paintings have been described as “soulful”, “strong” pieces which interpret her experiences of the world. Whether it be reflections of city life or reviews of trips, Marisa has a unique way of transcribing what she sees and feels into her paintings.



ARTIST : Marisa Avano   (Continued)



Born in Melbourne, and raised both here and overseas, Marisa’s European ancestry has given her a unique insight into more than one culture. Growing up in a family of artists, meant Marisa has been exposed to art from an early age. These early influences have contributed to her long association, understanding and continued development of her own art making process.


Whilst Marisa has experimented with many art mediums, acrylic has become her favourite.   Her choice of subject is diverse – from figurative pieces; urban and natural landscapes; to simple every day objects.   This diversity has also contributed to her works wide appeal. All are observations to a new perspective, which transform the ordinary into something unique. Whilst Marisa’s art is influenced by her appreciation of impressionist and contemporary artists, she has her own original style.   Her sense and use of colour has become her distinctive trademark.


Marisa’s work is part of local and overseas private collections. She currently operates her studio at the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria, Australia.