Malvern Artists’ Society (MAS) is committed to providing members with a welcoming, inclusive and enjoyable artistic experience.


MAS is a not-for-profit company that is managed by a voluntary board of directors (Committee) elected by members. It is supported by an ongoing Hanging Sub-Committee and other Sub-Committees as established from time to time. The day-to-day affairs of MAS are administered by our wonderful Office Manager.


An industrious group of ten artists, buoyed by a successful exhibition at Malvern Town Hall, founded MAS in 1957.  It has been quite a journey for the Society, which was cemented in place by the purchase of its Art Centre on High Street Malvern in 1970.

Life Members

Life (Honorary) Membership of MAS is awarded to individuals who have given distinguished service to MAS, or who have contributed significantly to the development of the Creative Arts.  MAS greatly appreciates the efforts of these individuals who have been the heartbeat of the Society since its inception.


MAS is grateful to its major sponsors for their ongoing support. There are many ways individuals and organisations can help support the ongoing success of MAS.