MAS Autumn Exhibition 2024

Best In Show Winner “The Day Brought Another Surprise” by Liza Elkonin The winner for me is the one I would hang in my own home.  This is a lovely drawn work with lots of lost and found lines. A moody, abstracted figure with strong lines and shapes. Emerging Artist Prize Winner “Figs” by Bernadette […]

MAS Spring Exhibition 2023

Community Bank Malvern East Acquisitive Prize Winner “A Quiet Walk”by Suzanne Johnstone Judged by Community Bank Malvern East Best Still Life / Flora & Fauna Winner “Seaweed Dragon” by Tegan Colliver Interesting subject matter and colour harmony. Highly Commended “Magpie Peach Blossom”by Li-Lee Archer Great use of line and colour working together. Best Figure / […]

MAS Winter Exhibition 2023: Featuring C.E.G. Beveridge Prize

C.E.G. Beveridge Prize forBest In Show No. 21 “Capertee Evening NSW” by Heinz Fickler A soft and moody painting with a great variety of brush and palette knife work. The artist has an excellent understanding of colour theory and aerial perspective, hence allowing the viewer to travel through the work. Second Prize No. 59 “Galician […]

MAS Autumn Exhibition 2023

Best In Show Winner no 30 “Mountain Ash 35” by Christine Goerner Draws one into the Mountain Ash Forest and then there is the Enigmatic beyond. Congratulations. Best Other Media / 3D Winner no 50 “My Retreat” by Tasia Jenkins Colourful and confident. Striking on a wall on its own. Highly Commended no 25 “Ballarat, […]

MAS Spring Exhibition 2022

Community Bank Malvern East Acquisitive Prize Winner “SW Tasmania”by Sue Cook Judged by Community Bank Malvern East Best Still Life / Floral Winner “Harmony” by Wendy Colliver Perfect title for this painting as the colour palette really does work in harmony together.  The representation of the different still life items has been thoughtfully handled. Highly […]

MAS Winter Challenge 2022: What Gives Me Joy

Best In Show Winner no 47 Studio 1 by Irene Lukins Contemplative and calming Still Life with excellent composition and use of colour. It has mood changing impact and would suit a restful room used for reading, resting and contemplation. Second no 52 “Favourite Morning Ride” by Janice Mills               […]

MAS Autumn Exhibition 2022

Best In Show Winner no 16 “Sunset-Port Melbourne” by Tegan Colliver Great composition and use of light and shade. Darks on the bottom left to break in clouds on top, give great balance to the main subject. Best Other Media / 3D Winner no 49 “Flower Dance” by Janette Jeffrey Lovely use of colour which created […]