J.A Taranto Studio Sale 12th -24th February 2019


Jennifer has been an established artist for over 40 yrs, working with several different medium from oils to watercolours,and pastel, and also working with recycled materials . . . “turning rubbish into art”.

The themes of her work are Water, Botanical artworks, and abstract.

She has been a resident artist of Without Pier Gallery for nearly 20 years, and has worked  with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne for 8 years .In 2016, she won the Peoples Choice Award, her work was bought by the State of Victoria, and she received an Honourable Mention from Celia Rossa.


Now she is having a Studio Sale with an “across the board” collection of works.

She will be an artist in residence, and there to display her works.










J.A Taranto Studio Sale

12th – 24th February 2019

On at Malvern Artists Society

10am-5pm daily

phone: 0417 059 252

www.facebook.com/JA Taranto