Jenny Pihan Fine Art presents Peter Smales 2nd -17th June

Peter Smales

Opening Night:              Friday 1st June 2018 – 6pm

Demonstration:           Sunday 10th June 2-4pm

Closing:                            Sunday 17th June 2018 – 5pm


Peter Smales
Born in London in 1958, Peter Smales began painting
in his early teens and has been a fulltime professional
artist since 1987.
Perhaps Australia’s only contemporary true
Impressionist, his painterly world is a highly evolved
traditional representational one – where the picture’s
subject is nature as reality – but pared down to its energetic and colourful essentials, its
expressionistic dynamics, as opposed to external illustrative contours and photographic
Peter dispenses with surface bravura, developing instead an original take on landscape,
departing somewhat from his early solid foundation in the formalism of Max Meldrum’s
tonal realist style of painting, instead relying on the elegant simplification and spontaneity
of his colourful brushwork and descriptive eye. His paintings appear deceptively effortless
and unlabored, belying a masterful ability to translate visual impressions in an
expressionistic manner that can manifest only through diligent and disciplined practice.
Peter’s economy and grace of his calligraphic brush strokes imbues each picture with an
individual fluidity and narrative uncommon in much of contemporary art.
Although inspired by the untrammeled natural world around him, it is the abstract forms
and shapes of shadows and sunlight, and the intrinsic unpredictable patterns found in the
spatial relationships created by objects interacting in the various moods and atmospheres
life that breath fire into his passion for picture making, rather than the objects themselves.
“Painting is all about light – the joy of seeing and how to harmonize the subject with
pictorial and decorative qualities – it is a continuing process – not so much an assortment of
“things” captured; but attempts to re-visit and make more eloquent artistic statements the world is full of beautiful things, often in the most unexpected places,” he says.
Peter holds a Bachelor of Education in Painting (Visual Arts) from Melbourne University,
and lectured in painting and drawing there from 1986-88. He also received painterly tuition
from Alan Martin, Ron Crawford and Sir William Dargie. In 1982 he participated in a
European Study Tour.
A member of the prestigious ‘Twenty Melbourne Painters Society’, he has tutored at the
Victorian Artists Society, Council of Adult Education and Doncaster Artists Society. He has
held numerous solo and group exhibitions, won many awards, and is represented in private
and corporate collections in Australia, England, America, Japan and Europe.