Margaret Meadows and Susan Harris 10-12 DEC


My name is Susan Harris and I am a ceramicist sculpture.  I hand-build all my works, combing coils, pinch-pots and modelling to create bodies of work that explore particular themes, some of which reoccur. Thus, my current “beasts” are a variation on mythical creatures and a further exploration of architypes and how they manifest in my mind. I start with an idea, such as a cyclops, but the process often drives what happens then. This is evident in my “Cyclops Dogs”, which took on a life of their own as I was making them. My creatures are benevolent, and alive.

 My “Clouds Series” is completely new and juxtaposes the heaviness of clay with the lightness of clouds, the pieces appearing suspended in air. I have experimented with glazing to create different effects, the light bouncing off the works and changing during the day depending on the weather. They work best when situated in the garden and as a group. They are more abstract and possibly easier for others to live with.

Margaret is a printmaker, drawer in pen and ink and an oil painter.

Inspiration is taken from nature- bird’s nests, shells, fruit and also landscapes.

Vibrant colour, texture and line detail are important aspects of her work.

Margaret loves to look carefully at natural objects and enjoys their juxtaposition with ordinary household objects; birds nests on willow pattern and sea urchins in bird’s nests.