MAS Winter Exhibition 2023: Featuring C.E.G. Beveridge Prize

C.E.G. Beveridge Prize for
Best In Show

No. 21 “Capertee Evening NSW”
by Heinz Fickler

A soft and moody painting with a great variety of brush and palette knife work. The artist has an excellent understanding of colour theory and aerial perspective, hence allowing the viewer to travel through the work.

Second Prize

No. 59 “Galician Couple”
by Eddie Moses

An excellent use of a limited palette with a very strong composition, The artist has captured the raw emotion on the figures faces, and the protective stance of the male figure helps convey an emotional and intriguing story to the viewer.

Third Prize

No. 76 “West Light 11 West Coast Scotland” by Prue Ward

This painting demonstrates a great understanding of the watercolour medium. The dry brushwork and translucent washes capture the light so well and allow the viewer to travel seamlessly through the work.

Highly Commended

No. 2 “Fig and Apple Thieves” by Jenine Bell

Excellent technique capturing this busy scene. I like how the background folliage is slightly blurred and greyed down in colour to create depth in the painting.

No. 17 “Footpath Closed” by Michael Elliot

A strong painting with great use of colour, mark making, and story-telling.

No. 47 “Poppies” by Lee Martin

Beautifully painted flowers contrasting against a simple and quiet background.

No. 81 “Summer Evening Lights, Sorrento Beach” by Li Zhou

With a quick and spontaneous brushwork, this artist has captured the fleeting moment at the end of the day with great confidence.

Judge: Vivi Palegeorge

People's Choice Award

“Simply Squash 2”
by Vish Goddard

The C.E.G. Beveridge Prize was named after our first MAS President.