Members’ Spring Exhibition 2022

Community Bank Malvern East Acquisitive Prize


“SW Tasmania”
by Sue Cook

Judged by Community Bank Malvern East

Best Still Life / Floral


by Wendy Colliver

Perfect title for this painting as the colour palette really does work in harmony together.  The representation of the different still life items has been thoughtfully handled.

Highly Commended

“White Protea”
by Li Zhou

A simple composition with a powerful impact. Lovely play with the flower against the dark background.

Highly Commended

“Empty Vessels”
by Margaret Meadows

The selected objects work well together in this piece. The ability to convey the surface textures of the items has been well done.

Best Figure / Portrait


“Cricket Practice”
by Ailsa Jaques

Beautiful little composition, nice work with the play of light and shadow on the clothing. An absolutely joyful painting.

Highly Commended

by Pam Herman

A painting that shows a nice balance between light and dark and lost and found edges.

Highly Commended

“Mother’s Love”
by Merran Berry

Lovely handling of collage to not only tell a story but to show a piece where the emotion is coming through.

Best Abstract / 3D


“Self Portrait”
by Catriona Galbraith

This piece is full of creativity, originality and humour. Perfectly positioned in the gallery as it is given another dimension as the outside traffic passes by.

Highly Commended

by Lilja Bauer

Strong composition with great handling of layers showing through.  Nice use of textured effects incorporated into this work.

Highly Commended

“The Pink Grotto”
by Mary Athens

This work has a nice rhythm to it. The application and handling of the mediums is well executed. Contains great contrasts which makes you want to keep looking at it to see what you can further discover.

Best Landscape / Seascape


“Melbourne Skyline”
by Sunhee Nankiville

Pleasant modern composition that had a lovely application of paint.  Great balance of darks and highlights.

Highly Commended

“Coles Bay”
by Heinz Fickler

A landscape that shows a successful depiction of mood.  Lovely handling of foreground, middle ground and background.

Highly Commended

“Mapping Holbrok 2”
by Bernadette Pilli

I was drawn to the courage of this composition.  The overlapping effect gave the painting a unique sense of place.

JUDGE: Elise Judd
SPONSORED BY: Community Bank Malvern East