Oscar Carlson 5th-9th June

You are invited to attend an exhibition of drawings and paintings by Oscar Carlson.


  Malvern Artist Society Gallery

  1297 High Street, Malvern.

  Opening – Wednesday evening:

  June 5 – 6:30pm – 8:30pm

  Exhibition will be open daily – 10am – 4:30pm

  Concluding on Sunday June 9.

  Oscar Carlson:

  • Born Melbourne 1940.
  • Studied Fine Art, East Sydney Technical School under Lyndon Dadswell and John Olsen, 1962-1964
  • Followed by further studies under George Baldessin and Les Kossatz – RMIT, 1971- 1978
  • Diploma of Fine Arts (Sculpture)
  • Teaching in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne since 1962. Former Principal, Richmond Primary School
  • First exhibition – Russell Davis Gallery, Armadale, 1983.

    All limited edition prints are framed – $480

    A3 framed prints are also available – $280

Macintosh HD:Users:Oscar:Desktop:IMG_0075 2.jpg

The images are finished unframed studio works.

The Art of Being ‘The Same’ but ‘Different’.

“The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing, because an artful life requires being prepared to meet and withstand sudden and unexpected troubles”.

 Marcus Aurelius.

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”  Dr. Seuss.

  • Two different quotes from two different people from two different periods of life history but the message is the same.
  • The ability to ‘Live the Life’ in a positive, purposeful, creative way gets down to accepting the realities of the journey confronting us daily, no matter what.
  • Life, like wrestling is a battle, so there is no point dancing around the truth that life dishes up.
  • The purpose of art is to entice us to re-evaluate the way we perceive ‘life’.
  • Oscar has drawn these works by developing an appreciation of being able to express his feeling of being ‘different’ throughout his life. Being ‘part’ of many groups but not really ‘fitting in’. Strangely enough he always dreamt of being a ballet dancer but ultimately turned his active pursuits to other successful sporting endeavors!!
  • The trees and the figures are all drawn in the same deliberate ‘movement’ flow and subtle exaggeration of ‘error’, creating ‘zone’ or ‘space’ for each tree or figure occupied on the page, which isolates it from the group.
  • Throughout history, Art has reflected the social, economic and philosophical behaviour of society of the time.
  • Many forms or genres have emerged as a result, starting as early as the ‘cave paintings’ of our ancient ancestors through the ages, through different cultures, through different ‘art movements’, all depicting in one way or another the vagaries of the current cultures.
  • Art is the ‘mirror’ that reflects back to society, to the generation of the time of what that generation has experienced in every facet of its behaviour.
  • The cave dwellers did it, current graffiti artists do it, fine artists do it, poets and storywriters do it.
  • The most beautiful examples of how artists expressed the daily goings on of a culture were:- the Egyptian, Minoan, Aegean and Greek artists who recorded the lives of the leaders of their domains on walls and in sculptural form.
  • The study of ‘art history and art form’ is a rewarding experience and one that helps us appreciate and understand ‘human nature’ at its best and worst.
  • Artists don’t hold back, they tell it as it is, even beyond.

Oscar’s ‘art’ on display is – simple, clear, yet contradictory, composed of different mediums, different subject matter, with    the same simple message

   ‘Lonely people in busy places.

   Nothing in this world is perfect.