Skepsi 7-22 September 2019 Amy Kennedy, Kevin Boyd, Colin Hopkins

Our upcoming exhibition ‘Layered’, September 7 – 22, features the distinctive, accomplished and exceptional work of Amy Kennedy and Kevin Boyd, Artists familiar to the Skepsi Gallery Friends, and a new Artist, Colin Hopkins whose work you will see, is equally amazing.

We are very excited to present this Exhibition, we know you will find it engaging and enjoyable.

In addition to the Exhibition, on September 15, a Special Workshop will be presented by our 3 Artists. It will include demonstrations of skills and discussions of techniques and ideas. Considering the experience and knowledge of our Artists, this workshop will have much to offer.

Please find below details of the exhibition, and contact details for further information about the workshop.

Anna Maas


Skepsi Gallery

0416 085 002  



Skepsi @ Malvern


Amy Kennedy,  Kevin Boyd,  Colin Hopkins

September 7 – 22

Amy Kennedy

Unique ceramic-glass hybrid materials are used to create these works, 

which consider concepts of energy and force with allusion to earth’s forms and landscapes. 

Kevin Boyd 

An amalgamation of chemistry, science and art, is at the core of my ceramic practice.

Colin Hopkins 

My work is a celebration of risk and contradiction where the desire to make form 

is always modulated by a fascination with nature’s destructive forces.

Gallery Hours

Tuesday to Sunday

11.00am – 5.30pm 

Special Workshop presented by

Amy Kennedy, Kevin Boyd, Colin Hopkins

Sunday September 15

10.30am – 5.00pm

Inquiries and Bookings 

Anna: 0416 085 002