Catherine Lawlor

Catherine Lawlor is an experienced artist and teacher with a contemporary, bold, and bright style.

Catherine is an abstract expressionist painter and mixed media artist. She is represented by M.A.D.S. Gallery in Spain, and her works are found in collections across Australia and Europe. 

She brings to her teaching a lifetime of experience and education, both from Australia (Bachelor of Fine Arts and Diploma of Visual Arts at RMIT) and recently from studying Art in Florence at Accademia d’Arte AD’A. 

Catherine has also spent much of her creative career studying and teaching at local and community art groups.  In her classes Catherine teaches several genres of art such as still life, realism, abstraction, collage and drawing techniques.  She shows students how to use soft and oil pastels, ink, charcoal, acrylic paint and pen. 

Catherine believes one never stops learning and adding to one’s creative toolbox. Her classes are fun and informative, whilst supporting the participants in learning different mediums and genres. She looks forward to sharing her art experiences and ensuring students share her passion for art and creativity.