Manfred Horn

Art and nature have been my passion since childhood. Many hours observing nature were translated into drawings of wildlife and landscapes during my early years.

I am a self-taught artist. Initially the works of the Australian masters and the realist painters of Europe influenced my art. Extensive travel has introduced me to new scenes filled with colour, smells and sounds. The galleries have revealed many splendid works of art. These experiences have invited me to experiment with art and not just settle on a characteristic style.

I work in a variety of media: pen, coloured pencil, oils, acrylics, watercolour, white charcoal and pastel. It is great fun to choose a medium that best suits the subject matter, often mixing them to great effect.

I love realistic representations of nature, but have been experimenting with semi-abstract in recent times. I also like to use bold colours so that the picture makes a statement!

In encouraging my art students to improve their techniques, there is also emphasis on design, colour and composition. Art is an absorbing and fun activity. So I encourage people to create their own art, and not just copy mine.

Art is such a relaxing distraction from our hectic lives. It is such a pleasure to foster the development of individual skills in my students.