Keming Shen

Crossing the Road by Keming Shen

Keming Shen was born in Shanghai, China and graduated from the Shanghai light Industry College in 1982. His major subject was Graphic Design. After graduation he worked for The Shanghai Art Design Company as a graphic designer and freelanced as an illustrator for a book publisher and 2 Shanghai newspapers. He then taught at the East China Normal University before arriving in Australia in 1988 where he concentrated on commercial artwork.

In 1995 he established his own commercial art studio and then in 2004 he recommenced painting and began teaching at “Jiotto Studio”, specializing in Portraits and Still Life. In mid 2006 he started teaching at Malvern Artists’ Society. He specializes in Oil Painting and covers Still Life, Landscape, Portraits and the Human Form, using Models in some of his classes.