Malvern Artists Society Art classes will be running across 4 terms in 2018

Term 1 – 29th January – 29th March

Term 2 – 23rd April – 23rd June

Term 3 – 16th July-15th September

Term 4 – 8th October -8thDecember



Mondays 10 – 12.30pm  with Linda Robertson

Highly acclaimed and widely exhibited, Linda Robertson has worked with the figure and charcoal for many years, teaching life drawing to adults and senior students.  A class suitable for both beginners and experienced artists – Linda is always generous with her knowledge and guide students through their various stages of development.

Members $310, Non-members $340


Thursday 10am – 12.30pm with Keming Shen

This is a great class for students of all levels, you will cover all aspects of oil painting under a professional teacher, and will develop visual awareness in observation. This class covers still-life, landscape, portraits and the human form(2 models are used per term). Keeming studied art in Shangai and majored in Graphic Design. He is proficient in all mediums and an accomplished painter in all subjects.

Members $235, Non-members $265


Friday 1pm – 3.30pm with Carmel Mahony

Learn oil painting from a professional teacher. Explore the structure and content of oil painting with a teacher who brings to her classes continuing enthusiasm in painting from nature. To paint correctly as well is a never ending endeavour and this teacher is eager to guide her students along this path of study.

Members $215, Non-members $245

MIXED MEDIA: Pastel, Watercolour and Acrylic

Friday 10am – 12.30pm with Manfred Horn

This class accommodates students wishing to learn artistic techniques in various media: including watercolour, acrylics, pen and ink and pastels, or mixed media Manfred will assist you in developing your own style and finding your own particular favourite medium. Great for beginners as well as advanced students and for those wishing to try something new.

Members $215, Non-members $245


Sat 9.30 – 12noon with Joan Richard

This is a great class for beginners and advanced students. Ably guided, you will develop skills along with individual style. This class covers observation and technique in landscape, still life and the human form. Joan’s personalized tuition will assist those wanting to know more about the wonderful medium of watercolour.

Members $20, Non-members $25



Thursdays 1-3.30pm with Susan O’Brien

This class is great for beginners or those that want to explore different techniques.  Susan has an eclectic style using bold colours and will usually start the class with a quick demonstration and then students have a go at applying that on canvas. This class is led by Susan following her structure however there are times when students can be free to do their own work.

Members $215 Non-Members $245


PAINTING OIL PORTRAITS FROM LIFE  – 7th November -5th December 2018 (5 weeks)

Wednesdays 12.30 – 3pm – with Carmel Mahony

Over the 5 week term, Carmel plans to guide you through the entire process of painting a portrait from life. During this period you will learn:

Posing the model, choosing a backdrop, approaching the painting in a tonal manner, mixing skin tones, measuring, matching paint from previous sitting with use of retouch varnish, finishing marks and instruction in self portraiture.

Members $175 and Non Members $190



EXPLORING THE SECRETS OF WATERCOLOUR – (Term 3 the teacher is Antoinette Blyth)

Monday 1-3.30pm  with Julie Goldspink

Begin your journey into the magic of Watercolour. Using Wet in Wet technique you will explore the diversity of this exciting medium. Items covered: Elements of Design, Colour, Drawing, Tone, Brush handling and lots more. Inspirational and a lot of fun. Written handouts to students. All levels are welcome.

Members: $215 , Non Members: $245



Tuesday 1-3.30pm with Andrew Gemmill

The main purpose in this watercolour class is to give everyone a sound basis in the technique of watercolour painting which is made easier by seeing how it is done. For example the dampness of the paper is important and includes the timing of when to put on the paint and the amount of water on the brush. Other topics include drawing, laying basic washes and colour.

Members: $192 , Non – Members $218 (8 week term  -not the 6th November)



Tuesday 10-12.30pm with Vicki McInnes

Wednesday 9.30-12pm with Vicki McInnes

Both Beginners and those with more experience will be guided in the medium of their choice, to find an individual style and create finished pictures. You may choose to work from a photo, or directly from a subject, drawing with pencil, pastels or ink, or painting in oils or acrylics.

Members: $215 , Non Members: $245


DRAWING in pencil

Saturday 1-3.30 – with Linda Robertson   BACK IN TERM 1 2019

 5 week course 21st July – 18th August TERM 3

This series of classes will focus on developing confidence and ease in your drawing through 3 main areas.

  1. The Right Brain approach to drawing
  2. Learning to use tonal rendering
  3. Colour basics

Members: $120 Non Members $140



Saturday 1-3.30 with Salvatore Trigila

9 week course in TERM 4

He has over 25 years experience teaching art and design. He specialises in  Portraiture, Urbanscapes and Figure Drawing.

Have a look at his website

Memers: $215 and Non Members $245




In all classes you bring your own materials and a list will be given to you before hand.


Interested in participating in one of the MAS art classes?

Contact the MAS Gallery on (03) 9822 7813 or email